SYSTANE ULTRA Lubricant Benetzungstropfen 10ml

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Packungen Ersparnis* NORMAL PRICE Gesamtpreis
1 x 10 Pflegemittel 1 x 10 Pflegemittel 19.50 CHF
2 x 10 Pflegemittel 2 x 10 Pflegemittel 0.80 CHF 39 CHF 38.20 CHF
4 x 10 Pflegemittel 4 x 10 Pflegemittel 3.20 CHF 78 CHF 74.80 CHF
SYSTANE ULTRA Lubricant Eye Drops offers the ultimate in high performance dry eye therapy. Formulated with a unique intelligent delivery system, SYSTANE ULTRA dry eye drops delivers extended protection that lasts. Extended protection means that your eyes feel comfortable longer, with fewer interruptions in your day-to-day life. Available in a 10ml bottle and a "Home and Away" pack consisting of one 10ml bottle and one 5ml bottle. SYSTANE ULTRA is the new standard in dry eye relief and protection.

Inhalt: 1x 10ml
Hersteller: Alcon
Eigenschaften Pflegedetails

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