Lensvision - Your Swiss specialist for contact lenses

Our mission: We help our customers find the most comfortable contact lenses. For maximum vision quality and the best wear comfort – simple and at fair prices.

The Lensvision way

1. Information from contact lens experts

Missing information and lack of knowledge leads to misuse of contact lenses. Lensvision assists you with many tips on hygiene and handling, information on new products or automatic reminders of upcoming eye check-ups. Please consult our advisor for more information.

2. On-site services from a professional optician

Your personal correction needs are important for maximum vision quality. Our professional opticians work according to ultra-modern standards, whether it’s eye check-ups or adjusting contact lenses. You can find a full overview of all our partner opticians in our online appointment tool.

Lensvision works closely with the following opticians, among others:

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3. 3. Contact lenses from all leading manufacturers

Trying on many different contact lenses from the latest generation is a matter of course and important for us so that we can find the contact lens with the best wear comfort for you. Here you can find all the contact lenses that Lensvision offers.

A selection of our brands:

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4. Convenience at fair prices

Easily prepared information, easy appointment coordination with a professional optician, and your lenses, easily ordered: We at Lensvision offer lenses up to 70% cheaper than at retailers and we assume part of the cost of a professional optician.



Lensvision sees the light of day. Dominik Müller, optician and owner of Müller Optik in Zürich, recognizes the signs of the times and launches one of the first online shops for contact lenses in Switzerland


Founding of Lensvision

More and more contact lenses are being purchased online. As a result, Lensvision is being spun off into a standalone corporation as a subsidiary of Müller Optik Zürich AG.



Lensvision is already among the biggest contact lens vendors in Switzerland. To better deal with future challenges, Müller Optik in Zürich is selling Lensvision to private investors. Founder Dominik Müller is directly involved as a shareholder. General management, as a partner of Lensvision, will accept Simon Virlis (CEO) and Michael Schürpf (CTO).


Competence center for contact lenses

Lensvision is re-positioning itself as a competence center for contact lenses and is entering partnerships with professional opticians in all of German-speaking Switzerland. As a result, Lensvision customers receive the best service - online and on-site at the optician’s.

Your team of specialists

Every day we are motivated to fulfill our mission even better. Our specialist team structure: Strong marketing competence is required to make more and more Swiss aware of Lensvision. Our IT team ensures that you can easily find your way on our website and make product orders or service inquiries. Support prepares your order and handles your questions about contact lenses. And finally, logistics ensures that the right products go into your package. And don’t forget: Lensvision collaborates with numerous professional opticians that perform eye check-ups, readjustments and subsequent adjustments to contact lenses for our customers. We are the team behind Lensvision, and we look forward to having you as our customer.

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