Blu:gen Multifocal 3 monthly lenses

Blu:gen Multifocal - 3 monthly lenses
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CHF 95.50
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Blu:gen Multifocal

Blu:gen Multifocal are contact lenses from the manufacturer mark'ennovy that adjust visual acuity for looking at objects that are both up close and far away. These multifocal contact lenses are equipped with a UV filter that filters out at least 99% of UV-B light and 93% of UV-A light. This is important, as too much UV light can give rise to eye diseases over time. In addition, Blu:gen Multifocal lenses also protect against high-energy, blue-violet light. This type of light is coming increasingly into focus when it comes to the prevention of age-related eye diseases and PC-related eye strain. The blue filter in the contact lenses increases contrast on the screen and reduces eye strain in artificially lit rooms throughout the course of the day. With Blu:gen Multifocal lenses, the retina is also protected against this type of radiation.

UV protection that is built into the contact lens

A lot of damage to the eye is abetted by UV radiation. Only a good pair of sunglasses will provide your eyes with the protection they need. The UV filter in Blu:gen Multifocal lenses helps to ensure the inside of the eye is protected at all times, even when you don't have your sunglasses with you (or if you simply don't like wearing them). Blu:gen Multifocal lenses can be relied on to protect your eyes from at least 99% of UV-B and 93% of UV-A radiation. The contact lenses are not tinted and are therefore hardly noticeable.

Blue light filter increases contrast and protects the eyes

With its selective blue light filter, Blu:gen Multifocal lenses are introducing something that has not been seen before on the contact lens market. Potentially harmful blue-violet light is filtered, meaning it can no longer reach the eye. This increases the degree of contrast when using digital devices and when working at a screen. When in artificially lit rooms, your eyes are more relaxed and will become less tired.

Looking ahead to the future, filtering high-energy, blue-violet radiation is going to become increasingly important. Even if the consequences for our eyes cannot yet be predicted with 100% accuracy, it has already been demonstrated that blue light can play a part in the development of age-related eye diseases. Blu:gen Multifocal lenses protect the eye from this type of radiation.

Sharp vision – both up close and far away

Blu:gen Multifocal contact lenses are manufactured individually and can be adjusted in line with the viewing habits of the customer. This ensures that their vision remains sharp, whether they're looking at objects up close or far away. The material from which the lens is made is very oxygen permeable, and thanks to its 75% water content, it remains moist and comfortable throughout the day.

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Content: 1 x 3 Blu:gen Multifocal
Intervall of Exchange: every month
Manufacturer: mark'ennovy
Water Content: 75%
Material: Filcon V3 (Silicone-Hydrogel)
Permeability of oxygen: DC: 60 DC/t: 50
Elasticity Modulus: 0.13
Handling Tint: Light blue
Recommendation for cleaning: Dynaeasy 4
Quantity Saving* Regular price Total price
1 x 3 Contact lenses 1 x 3 Contact lenses CHF 95.50
3 x 3 Contact lenses 3 x 3 Contact lenses CHF 5.55 CHF 286.5 CHF 280.95
5 x 3 Contact lenses 5 x 3 Contact lenses CHF 11.25 CHF 477.5 CHF 466.25
8 x 3 Contact lenses 8 x 3 Contact lenses CHF 22.80 CHF 764 CHF 741.20

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