Dailies Total 1 for Astigmatism 90 daily lenses

Dailies Total 1 for Astigmatism - 90 daily lenses
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Dailies Total 1 for Astigmatism

  • Optimum oxygen supply for longer wearing periods
  • SmarTears Technology for dry eyes
  • Water gradient, > 80% moisture on the contact lens surface
  • Precision Balance 8|4 Design for stable vision with astigmatism

With Dailies Total 1 for Astigmatism, Alcon has developed a daily lens for special needs. This toric daily lens for astigmatism combines innovative Precision Balance 8|4 Design for a secure fit with SmarTears Technology, for soothing moisture and a highly oxygen-permeable material constructed as a water gradient. The result is clear and sharp vision with pleasant wearing comfort even under difficult conditions. 

Daily lenses for long wearing periods thanks to the water gradient

Wearing contact lenses for long periods can dry out the lens surface and impair the important supply of oxygen to the cornea. Dailies Total 1 for Astigmatism offer an exceptional material, which is constructed as a water gradient in two layers. The highly oxygen-permeable core consists primarily of silicone, allowing oxygen to pass unobstructed to the eye. The core is coated with a layer consisting of more than 80 % water. This not only provides optimum care for your eyes, but the lenses are comfortable to wear for long periods thanks to their smooth and moist surface.

Prevent dry eyes with SmarTears Technology

Dry eyes with contact lenses are often caused when the tear film on the lens dries. Dailies Total 1 for Astigmatism are equipped with intelligent SmarTears Technology. The lens material releases moisturising substances which are similar to the oily components of natural tears to the tear film when necessary. They protect the tear film surface, thus preventing the tear film from drying out. The stabilised tear film keeps the eye well moistened, providing wearing comfort from morning to evening.

Stable visual acuity for astigmatism

Precision Balance 8|4 is a unique design specifically developed to correct astigmatism. Toric contact lenses compensate for the curvature of the cornea. Therefore, they must remain reliably in the correct position. Thanks to Precision Balance 8|4 Designs, Dailies Total 1 for Astigmatism have stabilising areas at 8 and 4 o'clock. The eyelid holds the daily lenses in position when blinking and prevents them from twisting, ensuring sharp and stable vision.

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Brand Dailies Total 1 for Astigmatism
Manufacturer Alcon
Daily wearing time > 16h
Replacement interval
Wear overnight
(After consultation with the optician)
Delefilcon A (silicone hydrogel)
Water Content
80% surface 33% core
Oxygen supply (DK/t)
Handlingstint Yes
UV-Protection No

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