Saphir Rx Monthly SPHERIC 3 Monthly Lenses

Saphir Rx Monthly SPHERIC - 3 Monthly Lenses Saphir Rx Monthly SPHERIC - 3 Monthly Lenses
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Saphir Rx Monthly SPHERIC Contact Lenses from Mark Ennovy. Saphir Rx monthly SPHERIC are monthly lenses made of silicone hydrogel is made individually by the company mark'ennovy. Saphir Rx monthly SPHERIC offers 931 different geometries. The lens surface is molded and the anterior lens surface is turned to high-precision machines. mark'ennovy in England has a production that dominates not only the production of the lens material, but also the shape of the casting Saphir Rx monthly SPHERIC. In Spain is an extensive CNC-controlled machine park exclusively for the manufacture of Saphir Rx monthly SPHERIC available. The lens range consists of 4 options: Saphir Rx monthly SPHERIC, Saphir Rx monthly TORIC, Saphir Rx monthly MULTIFOCAL and Saphir Rx monthly multifocal TORIC.

The sapphire Rx monthly SPHERIC experience the unique balance between comfort and Lens Vision. By the drying up of the contact lenses, the lens surface and lens parameters (base curve, lens thickness and diameter) can be changed, so reduces the comfort and visual acuity. To counteract this lack of comfort and reach the original water content of the lens again, the use of drops, Liponite, etc.. necessary. With dehydration of less than 2% monthly offers sapphire Rx for maximum comfort throughout the day.

Unlike other monthly silicone hydrogel lenses made of Saphir Rx monthly SPHERIC water content of 75%is very high. The result is a great comfort, especially for people with sensitive or dry eyes. The modulus of elasticity (by Thomas Young) of the Saphir Rx monthly SPHERIC is a material parameter and describes the relationship between power and rotation in the mechanical stress of a solid body. The lower the modulus of elasticity, the less resistance is opposed to its deformation. This key feature gives the lens material has a high tolerance. None has been on the market available silicone hydrogel lenses such a low modulus of elasticity months of 0.13 as the Saphir Rx monthly SPHERIC.

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Content: 3 Saphir Rx Monthly SPHERIC Lenses
Interval of exchange: monthly
Manufacturer: mark'ennovy
Water content: 75%
Material Content: Filcon V3 (Silikon-Hydrogel)
Permeability of oxygen: DK: 60 DK/t: 50
Elasticity Modulus:
Handling Tint: Light blue
Quantity Saving* NORMAL PRICE Total price
1 x 3 Contact lenses 1 x 3 Contact lenses CHF 80.00
4 x 3 Contact lenses 4 x 3 Contact lenses CHF 9.60 CHF 320 CHF 310.40

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