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AO Sept Plus HydraGlyde

AO Sept Plus HydraGlyde - 90ml + lens case
CHF 11.85

Futuro Monosept 100ml + lens case

AO Sept Plus HydraGlyde is not available

AO Sept Plus HydraGlyde is temporarily not available from the manufacturer Alcon. We recommend Futuro Monosept as an alternative travel size. Cleaning, disinfection and application are exactly the same.

AO Sept Plus HydraGlyde

  • Deep disinfection with hydrogen peroxide
  • Neutralization after 6h
  • Free of preservatives
  • HydraGlyde Moisture Matrix for more moisture
  • Very compatible for allergy sufferers
  • Optimal for sensitive eyes
  • Very safe and hygienic cleaning
  • Perfect complement for Air Optix plus HydraGlyde lenses

Flawless deep cleaning, surface disinfection and at the same time effective moisturization of your contact lenses, in one single solution?  AO SEPT® PLUS HydraGlyde® from Alcon cleans powerfully and wets your contact lenses for a long time - with a novel composition of AO SEPT® PLUS solution and HydraGlyde® Moisture Matrix.

The active formula of AOSEPT®PLUS with HydraGlyde®

AO SEPT® PLUS HydraGlyde® from Alcon works on and under the surface of your contact lenses:

  • Clean, disinfect and neutralize your contact lenses in just one step: AO SEPT® PLUS HydraGlyde® contains a hydrogen peroxide solution - a liquid compound with so-called atomic oxygen that contributes to deep cleaning.
  • Clear vision thanks to Pluronic® 17R4: The cleaning agent Pluronic® 17R4 improves the removal of protein and lipid deposits from the surface of your contact lenses.
  • In the AO SEPT® PLUS HydraGlyde® solution, you can store your lenses in the sealed container for up to 14 days.
  • Do you have rather sensitive eyes? AO SEPT® PLUS HydraGlyde® is free of preservatives and is usually well tolerated even by sensitive eyes.

Excellent comfort thanks to HydraGlyde® Moisture Matrix

Alcon developed the patented HydraGlyde® Moisture Matrix to provide you with a particularly comfortable wearing experience. The novel substance binds moisture to the surface of your contact lenses and thus works in multiple ways:

  • For clear vision and clean lenses: the protective shell of Alcon's HydraGlyde® Moisture Matrix helps reduce the buildup of proteins and lipids on your contact lenses.
  • For a silky smooth blink: HydraGlyde® Moisture Matrix puts a cushion of moisture on your contact lenses and supports a soft blink - for fatigue-free wear.
  • Comfort from morning to night: Alcon's HydraGlyde® Moisture Matrix can keep your contact lenses and eyes moisturized for up to 16 hours.

Powerful and deep cleaning, disinfection, and neutralization. Moisturization all day long - in just one solution: AO SEPT® PLUS HydraGlyde® from Alcon.

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