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AO Sept Plus

AO Sept Plus - 90ml + lens case
CHF 9.70

Futuro Monosept 100ml + lens case

AO Sept Plus HydraGlyde is not available

AO Sept Plus is temporarily not available from the manufacturer Alcon. We recommend Futuro Monosept as an alternative travel size. Cleaning, disinfection and application are exactly the same.

AO Sept Plus


  • Deep disinfection with hydrogen peroxide
  • Neutralization after 6h
  • Free of preservatives
  • Very compatible for allergy sufferers
  • Optimal for sensitive eyes
  • Very safe and hygienic cleaning


Thorough cleaning and disinfection of contact lenses is essential for eye health. Choosing the right care product increases wearing comfort, even for people with sensitive eyes and allergy sufferers. AO Sept Plus from Alcon is a peroxide-based disinfectant solution. This makes it particularly efficient in eliminating germs. This care product is preservative-free and therefore ideal for sensitive eyes and allergy sufferers. AO Sept Plus can be used for all soft and rigid contact lenses. Using AO Sept Plus is simple but must always be done strictly according to the instructions. Only the container supplied may be used.

Deep-cleaning contact lens care

Hydrogen peroxide-based AO Sept Plus provides a thorough disinfection and cleaning, killing bacteria and germs on the contact lenses, and removing dirt and deposits. A special container with a platinum catalyst is included in the package. The care product enters into a chemical reaction with the platinum catalyst which neutralises the peroxide. This process takes six hours. After the six hours, a pure saline solution remains in the container, which is harmless to the eye. To avoid eye irritation, it is important to follow the manufacturer's instructions when using peroxide-based care products.

Contact lens care products for sensitive eyes

AO Sept Plus offers particularly gentle cleaning and disinfection of contact lenses for sensitive eyes. After the hydrogen peroxide has been neutralised, pure saline remains in the container. It is free from preservatives, disinfectants, or anything else that can lead to eye irritation and dryness in the long term.

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Very good for a good cleaning of the contact lenses

Review posted by Paz M. on 2021-09-06

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