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All-In-One Light

All-In-One Light - 360ml + lens case
CHF 10.30

Regard 355ml + lens case

All in One Light is no longer manufactured

The manufacturer Cooper Vision has discontinued production. Alternatively, we recommend Regard, it is free of preservatives offers very good tolerability, even for sensitive eyes.

All In One Light™ by CooperVision

Effective cleaning and disinfection - even for sensitive eyes


Can a care solution protect sensitive eyes while also rigorously cleaning them? To meet these demands, CooperVision has developed the All In One Light™. With this basic combined solution, caring for your soft contact lenses involves just one step: cleaning, removing deposits, disinfecting, storing and remoistening - highly effective, easy to handle, and comfortable, even for those with sensitive eyes. 

What makes the All In One Light™ so special? 


  • CooperVision's All In One Light™ cleans your contact lenses effectively - removing protein-, lipid- and calcium deposits.
  • You want more than just complete disinfection? The All In One Light™ exceeds the ISO standards for disinfection - this has been clinically proven.
  • To keep your contact lenses feeling comfortable all day long, CooperVision's All In One Light™ contains a moisturising additive which keeps your contact lenses well-moistened - preventing your eyes from feeling strained.
  • Experience has shown that the All In One Light™ is comfortable to use, making it suitable even for particularly sensitive eyes.
  • Whether you wear silicone hydrogel lenses or other soft contact lenses, CooperVision's All In One Light™ is made for you.

All In One Light™ by CooperVision - the popular basic combined solution for effective cleaning of soft contact lenses, especially for sensitive eyes.


All functions in a bottle, without compromise:
- Clean
- Disinfect
- Store
- Moisten
- Moisten
- Rinse
- Removal of debris
- Removing proteins

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Non irritating and feels like my own tears, wonderful solution

Review posted by Janet H. on 2019-11-28

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