Biotrue All-in-one

Biotrue All-in-one - 100ml + lens case
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Biotrue® All-in-one

The all-round endurance athlete 

Biotrue® All-in-One-Solution by Bausch + Lomb is a true all-rounder when it comes to contact lens care. Whether you want to clean or store your contact lenses - Biotrue® All-in-One-Solution by Bausch + Lomb gives you a solution for all of your problems. You wish to wear your contact lenses all day long? In the office, during physical activity or while travelling? In all those cases, Biotrue® All-in-One-Solution is the right choice because it has been developed specifically to provide up to 20 hours of comfort.

How does Biotrue® All-in-One-Solution work? 

Biotrue® All-in-One-Solution by Bausch + Lomb functions on a number of different levels:

  • Biotrue® All-in-One contains hyaluronic acid, the hydrating agent naturally found in tear fluid. Hyaluronic acid ensures hydration for the eyes as well as for the contact lenses - for fatigue-free use throughout the day.
  • Another benefit of hyaluronic acid is that it removes dust and even the finest dirt particles from your lenses.
  • When used properly, Biotrue® All-in-One can protect your eyes from infection, by killing pathogenic germs.
  • Your tear fluid contains naturally occurring endogenous proteins. After wearing your contact lenses for only 5 minutes, long-chain amino acids present in the tear fluid start breaking down - their normal structure is altered and they deposit on contact lenses as a film. Your immune system responds to the denaturation of those proteins; the deposits disturb your vision. Biotrue® All-in-One-Solution is helpful in two ways: on the one hand, it can reduce deposits on the contact lenses and on the other hand, it helps the proteins maintain their original structure.
  • Biotrue® All-in-One is pH-neutral and cares for your eyes as your own tear fluid does.

Hygienically clean and comfortable contact lenses in just 3 steps

Clean and care for your contact lenses daily by following these 3 easy steps. Strictly adhere to the instructions recommended by the manufacturer on the patient information leaflet included with your Biotrue® All-in-One-Solution:

  1. Wet both sides of your contact lenses with a few drops of Biotrue® All-in-one solution and rub for about half a minute.
  2. Then thoroughly rinse both sides of the contact lenses.
  3. Store your contact lenses for at least 4 hours in a thoroughly cleaned case that is filled with fresh solution. Remove the used solution from the case, before you use your contact lenses next and if necessary, clean them as described in step 1. Insert your contact lenses...

...and enjoy how comfortable it is to wear clean and well-hydrated lenses. For relaxed eyes, all day long.


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