Biotrue eye drops EDO 10x0,5ml Einzel-Dosis

Biotrue eye drops EDO - 10x0,5ml Einzel-Dosis
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What causes your eyes to feel strained... 

Have you been here before? Feeling that every blinking action becomes increasingly difficult after hours spent working in front of a computer screen. Your eyes feel dry and tired, you feel an unpleasant sensation, as though there is a foreign body in your eye every time you blink. The redness gives away how strained your eyes are. Even with a healthy lifestyle, not all irritations can be avoided: Environmental influences, such as dry air from air conditioning or heating, as well as medicines and infections, can impair the natural wetting action of tear fluid. Your eyes need help.


...and what can you do about it Biotrue® eyedrops from Bausch + Lomb can bring relief to strained eyes. These eye drops form a protective film over the corneas, letting you blink freely again without your eyes feeling tired. Due to their gel-like consistency, they are more viscous than conventional drops and therefore persist longer where they are needed. Hyaluronic acid is an important component of your body's own tear fluid. Biotrue® eye drops have a high sodium hyaluronate content to naturally hydrate your eyes. 

Well tolerated and contact lens compatible Biotrue® eye drops from Bausch + Lomb are preservative-free. This allows them to be used for an extended period of time - even by those of you with sensitive eyes. Contact lens wearers can also care for and pamper their eyes with Biotrue® eye drops. Seek medical advice if you suffer more frequently from irritated eyes.

Contents: Biotrue eye drops MDO - 1x10ml bottle
Manufacturer: Bausch+Lomb

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