Blink Intensive Tears PLUS

Blink Intensive Tears PLUS - 10ml bottle
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Blink Intensive Tears PLUS Gel Eye Drops


  • Recommended for very dry eyes
  • Cannot be used with contact lenses
  • Stays in the eye for a very long time
  • Long-lasting moisturization with 0.38% sodium hyaluronate
  • Use within 45 days of opening
  • With the dissolving preservative OcuPure


Blink Intensive Tears PLUS Gel Eye Drops from Johnson & Johnson relieve moderate to severe symptoms of dry eyes. They have a soothing effect and prevent eyes from being stressed and irritated. Due to the high hyaluronic acid content of 0.38% and the wetting agent Macrogol 400, the eye drops have a gel consistency and remain in the eye for a long time. The eye gel is also ideally suited for sensitive eyes thanks to the preservative OcuPure, which is easy on the eyes. They are 4x thicker than Blink Intensive Tears.

Blink Intensive Tears PLUS for extremely dry eyes

The Blink Intensive Tears PLUS Eye Gel is recommended for the treatment of very dry eyes. The "PLUS" indicates a particularly high viscosity, because with the added hyaluronic acid, the eye gel is thicker than classic eye drops. This enables it to relieve symptoms such as burning, stinging, or irritation for an especially long time. The amount of hyaluronic acid it contains is particularly high, and, as a result, a lot of water can be retained by the eye. 

Well-tolerated eye gel for day and night

Blink Intensive Tears PLUS Eye Gel is suitable for use during the day as well as for regenerating the ocular surface at night and should be used within 45 days. The preservative OcuPure is contained in the product to ensure an impeccably sterile quality during these 45 days. When exposed to light, it breaks down into the natural components of the tear film, salt, and water. Thus, Blink Intensive Tears PLUS is also recommended for sensitive eyes.

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Blink Intetnsive Tears PLUS
Johnson & Johnson
0.38% Hyaluronic acid
Yes: OcuPure
Shelf life after opening
45 Days

Individual ratings


Not so good as an eye drop which suitable for lens wear, the first moment feel even a little bit dry with the lens in the eyes. I will not think to buy next time.

Review posted by Yuan C. on 2020-06-14

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