Blink Intensive Tears TRIPLE ACTION

Blink Intensive Tears TRIPLE ACTION - 10ml bottle
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blink intensive TRIPLE ACTION from Abbott
The blink intensive TRIPLE ACTION are eyedrops from Abbott. They are designed to relieve symptoms related to dry or irritated eyes. The drops contain a range of substances which help to provide relief whenever other moisturising eyedrops are no longer sufficient.
A remedy for defective lipid layers
Primarily in environments with dry air, symptoms such as burning or watery eyes may occur and are further aggravated by contact lens wearing. In some cases, these symptoms can also be attributed to a defective lipid layer. If this layer is no longer able to protect the tear film properly, more tear fluid evaporates than normal and an unpleasant feeling of dry eyes quickly develops. The blink intensive TRIPLE ACTION drops replenish the tear film and quickly alleviate symptoms. Through their special composition, the blink intensive TRIPLE ACTION drops are the perfect choice when conventional eyedrops are no longer helpful.
Compound action for quick relief
The blink intensive TRIPLE ACTION drops combine different ingredients for optimum effectiveness. They contain liposomes, sodium hyaluronate, PEG 400 and vitamin E. The drops provide protection and moisture and soothe the eyes. They support all three layers of the tear film and provide stability, quickly easing symptoms of irritation. Thanks to their preventative effect, the drops are able to provide long-lasting relief and help to avoid getting dry eyes too quickly.
Easy application at any time
The blink intensive TRIPLE ACTION drops are also suitable for contact lens wearers. They are easy to use and can be applied at any time of day. Sensitive eyes and frequent signs of irritation should always be examined by an eye specialist.

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Content: 1x 10ml
Manufacturer: AMO

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