Blink Refreshing Augenspray- 10ml bottle

Lipo Nit eye spray sensitiv 10ml

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Blink Refreshing Augenspray- 10ml bottle

Blink Refreshing Augenspray- 10ml bottle

Blink Refreshing eye spray is no longer manufactured

Alternatively, we recommend Lipo Nit Sensitive Spray. It provides long-lasting protection of the tear film from drying out.

Blink refreshing eye spray

  • Refreshment and moisturising for slightly dry eyes
  • Simple and hygienic application
  • Suitable for contact lens wearers


Soothing refreshment, long-lasting moistening, simple and hygienic application. The Blink refreshing eye spray from Johnson & Johnson offers all of this. The spray contains hyaluronic acid as a moisture booster and quickly relieves unpleasant symptoms in dry eyes. Blink refreshing eye spray offers beneficial care for light dryness, especially for on the go.

Hyaluronic acid for an extra dose of moisture

Hyaluronic acid is a proven active ingredient for the treatment of dry eyes. It forms a stable tear film on the cornea and conjunctiva by binding water and holding it on the surface of the eye for a long time. The eye is noticeably moistened and the friction between the eyelid and the cornea is permanently reduced. The sterile, isotonic Blink refreshing eye spray relieves minor symptoms such as dryness or burning eyes.

Simple and hygienic application

The Blink refreshing eye spray is ideal for when on the go, in the office or during sports. Application is light and hygienic: the moistening spray is distributed gently and evenly on the surface of the eye, without touching it. Since the formulation is fragrance-free and pH-neutral, it is also suitable for sensitive eyes and when wearing contact lenses. Simply spray on closed eyes from a distance of 15cm.

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