Boston Simplus

Boston Simplus - 120ml + lens case
CHF 18.60
Boston Simplus Multi-Action Solution with a built-in protein remover from Bausch & Lomb/b>

Boston Simplus is the All-In-One Lösung for all GP lenses.

Protein removal - cleaning - washing - Disinfect - wetting - Storing - Envelops the contact lenses with a comfort film of moisture

Boston Simplus characterized essentially by 4 Product Features: a potent protein remover is already integrated into a multi-disinfection system reduces eye infections, the integrated drug poloxamine thoroughly removes dirt and debris and a special combination of lubricants and viscose coated contact lens with an absorbing moisture cushion. Boston Simplus All-In-One solution is taking care of your GP lenses as good and as safe as a 2-pack with care and that the overnight Proteinablöser accounts of the evening can rub the contact lenses.

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