CONTOPHARMA saline solution

CONTOPHARMA saline solution - 250ml
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CONTOPHARMA® saline solution

The base care product for all contact lenses

You’ll know for certain that your contact lenses must never come into contact with any kind of water. Even apparently clean tap water can contain lime, heavy metals and germs, thereby damaging your contact lenses and even your eyes in the worst case. Saline solution is a cost-effective addition to your cleaning and disinfecting solutions. The CONTOPHARMA® saline solution allows you to rinse your contact lenses thoroughly and hygienically - for clean lenses and healthy eyes. 


Here’s what CONTOPHARMA saline solution can do for you: 

  • Whether hard or soft - the CONTOPHARMA® saline solution is suitable for all well-known types of contact lenses.
  • Use the CONTOPHARMA® saline solution to thoroughly rinse off any residues of disinfecting solution from your contact lenses.
  • After surface cleansing, the CONTOPHARMA® saline solution can remove any dissolved dirt particles from your contact lenses.
  • CONTOPHARMA® saline solution is generally comfortable to use because its pH value is similar to that of your natural tear fluids.

Please note the following restrictions: Saline solution is not suitable for disinfection or storage. For these purposes, use special disinfection and storage solutions such as peroxide solutions or all-in-one solutions instead.

CONTOPHARMA® saline solution should be an integral part of your care set - for safe and hygienic rinsing of your hard and soft contact lenses.


Content: 1x 250ml
Manufacturer: Contopharma

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