Cleadew SL

Cleadew SL - 100ml + lens case
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Cleadew SL

  • Specially developed for scleral lenses
  • Above-average disinfection with povidone iodine.
  • Reliably removes protein and fat deposits without the need for extra cleaning liquid and rubbing
  • Gentle on the eyes
  • Cleaning and disinfection done in four hours


Cleadew SL from Ophtecs has been specially developed for scleral lenses. From the contents right through to the container, the cleaning system is adapted to the care requirements of these lenses. A highly effective combination of povidone iodine, enzymes and surfactants keeps the contact lenses hygienically clean, removes deposits efficiently, and is gentle on the eyes. A particular plus point: it is no longer necessary to use a separate cleaning solution. Lenses are cleaned and disinfected in just four hours. 

Reliable disinfection with povidone iodine

Thorough and hygienic disinfection of contact lenses is important for preventing infection and irritation. Povidone iodine provides reliable counteraction against viruses and bacteria by destroying their cell membranes. Fungi and stubborn water germs such as acanthamoebae are also prevented from developing and multiplying. At the same time, povidone iodine is very gentle on the eyes.

Optimal cleaning for a pleasant and comfortable wearing experience

Contaminants are deposited on the lens surface during wear. They affect both visual acuity and the moistening of the lenses. Wearing comfort is noticeably reduced. Cleadew SL contains an effective combination of an enzyme and a surfactant for thorough cleaning of deposits. Both of the active ingredients reliably remove protein and fat deposits from the surface of the lenses. This helps to maintain comfortable vision and keeps lenses feeling comfortable on the eye.

Easy application

With Cleadew SL, caring for scleral lenses is not only extremely efficient and safe, but also very quick and easy.

  1. Place the contact lenses in the container provided and fill the container up to the mark with Cleadew SL liquid.
  2. Add the cleaning tablets; the povidone iodine will turn the liquid an orange colour. After four hours, the process is complete and the liquid will turn clear again.
  3. Remove the liquid and fill the container with preservative-free saline solution before putting your lenses in. Close the container and shake it to rinse the lenses. Repeat the process once more.

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