Lipo Nit eye drops 0.1%

Lipo Nit eye drops 0.1% - 10ml bottle
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Lipo Nit Eye Drops 0.1% 

  • With 0.1% hyaluronic acid of pharmaceutical quality 
  • Contain a balanced mixture of electrolytes 
  • Can be used with hard and soft contact lenses 
  • Free of preservatives 


Dry and irritated eyes need special care tailored to their needs. Lipo Nit Eye Drops 0.1% by Prolens contain hyaluronic acid, a proven active ingredient for lubricating the surface of the eye. The drops can be used with or without contact lenses. As the solution is free of preservatives, it is well tolerated even by sensitive eyes.

Moisture for itchy and watery eyes 

Air conditioning, digital stress, hormonal changes or medication can impair the formation of tear fluid. The eyelid chafes with every blink, irritation occurs, and the eyes may start to itch, scratch and become watery. Lipo Nit Eye Drops 0.1% support the natural tear film, moisturize the eye and create a smooth surface when you blink. 

Hyaluronic acid and electrolytes supplement the tear film 

Lipo Nit Eye Drops 0.1% were developed to care for irritated eyes naturally and sustainably. For one thing, the sterile solution contains 0.1% hyaluronic acid of pharmaceutical quality, which binds strongly to water and thus moisturizes the eye over the long term. For another, the eye drops are enriched with a mixture of electrolytes that is similar to the composition of the body’s tear fluid. Mild to moderate symptoms decrease, and the wearing comfort of contact lenses is noticeably improved. Since the solution does not contain any preservatives, it is also suitable for eyes that are sensitive to additives.

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LipoNit eye drops 0.1% - 10ml
Prolens AG

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