OptiFree Puremoist

OptiFree Puremoist - 2x300ml + lens case
CHF 27.90

OptiFree PureMoist


  • Reliable and hygienic disinfection and cleaning 
  • HydraGlyde Moisture Matrix for up to 16 hours of wearing comfort
  • Perfect care for Air Optix plus HydraGlyde contact lenses
  • All-in-one solution for all soft contact lenses, including silicone hydrogel


OptiFree PureMoist from Alcon is an innovative all-in-one solution for cleaning, disinfecting and storing all soft contact lenses. With the HydraGlyde Moisture Matrix, OptiFree PureMoist provides extra moisture and protects contact lenses from drying out. Thanks to its dual mode of action with disinfectants like Polyquad and Aldox and with the cleaning agents that combat protein and fat deposits, OptiFree PureMoist is safe to use.

All-in-one solution for dry contact lenses

Thanks to the HydraGlyde Moisture Matrix, the contact lenses are protected from drying out. The HydraGlyde Moisture Matrix is a surface-active substance that clings to contact lenses. It forms a protective film that keeps the lenses surface moist and smooth. It also reduces friction and makes the lenses more comfortable to wear. The smooth surface also protects contact lenses from fat and protein deposits, so that they do not impair wearing comfort and visual acuity. OptiFree PureMoist is especially recommended for Air Optix plus HydraGlyde contact lenses, as they are specifically designed to be used with this moisturizing solution.

Highly effective cleaning and disinfection

The cleaning and disinfecting agents in OptiFree PureMoist provide reliable care. Citrate is used to remove protein and fat deposits on contact lenses. It removes them reliably, so that a high level of comfort is maintained for a long period of time. OptiFree PureMoist contains Polyquad and Alox for highly effective killing of bacteria, fungi and other harmful microorganisms. They kill germs at a rate that exceeds the minimum required standards and are well tolerated by the eyes.

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very comfortable for all day wear and cleaning all in one

Review posted by sari n. on 2022-12-14


Review posted by Yuan C. on 2021-03-01

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