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OptiFree Puremoist ALCON 2 x 300ml + 90ml

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Opti-Free Puremoist All-in-one Solution from Alcon for all type of lenses

OPTI-FREE Puremoist is a multi-purpose solution. OPTI-FREE Puremoist MPDS contains HydraGlyde Moisture matrix. This is a new technology to keep the modern hydrogel contact lenses with moisture until the end of the day. OPTI-FREE Puremoistcontact lens care solution provides your contact lenses up to 16 hours of moisture from the onset to the end of the day. So you can leave at any time of day on your contact lenses. Only OPTI-FREE Puremoist has the moisture-matrix HydraGlyde. OPTI-FREE Puremoist forms a moisture film around the contact lens and protects it from drying out all day. OPTI-FREE Puremoist contact lens care solution provides comfort from the onset to the removal of the lenses. Proteins and lipids from your tears can be deposited on your contact lenses and cause irritation or even a reduction of visual acuity. OPTI-FREE Puremoist wet your lenses to prevent fat deposits and to remove proteins. Thanks to this advanced and powerful solution your contact lenses all day to stay clean and feel fresh. In addition to the 16-hour moisture retention and the removal of deposits has OPTI-FREE Puremoist contact lens care solution additionally enhanced formulation for disinfection of your lenses. The dual disinfection by POLYQUAD Aldox and is particularly effective against harmful microorganisms such as bacteria, fungi and Acanthamoeba. This tested and proven ingredients disinfect all types of soft contact lenses, yet gentle enough to not irritate sensitive eyes. OPTI-FREE Puremoist contact lens care solution is available in 300ml bottle (also known as double 2x300ml) and as a 90ml OPTI-FREE Puremoist travel size. Always use the contact lens care products, which they have been recommended by your eye doctor or optometrist. Ask your eye care professional if OPTI-FREE Puremoist is right for you. Always remember to judge that only your eye doctor or optometrist can determine which combination of contact lenses and care products is right for you best.

Content: 1x300ml Opti-Free Puremoist & 1 Case
Manufacturer: Alcon


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