Refine One Step 360ml + lens case

AO Sept Plus 360ml + lens case

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Refine One Step 360ml + lens case

Refine One Step 360ml + lens case

Refine One Step not available

As an alternative we recommend AO Sept Plus. The cleaning and handling of the care product is exactly the same. Refine One Step is not available until unknown time.

Refine One Step™ from CooperVision

The most comfortable care for all types of lenses 
With the Refine One Step™ contact lens solution from CooperVision, the name says it all. The one-step peroxide system cleans your contact lenses more easily than ever before - without having to wipe and rinse them. For excellent wearing comfort, even for sensitive or allergy-prone eyes. 

How the one-step peroxide system works 
The storage case included in every Refine One Step™ pack contains a platinum catalyst in the form of a disk. When you place the lens care solution into the case, the platinum catalyst splits the hydrogen peroxide found in the solution into oxygen and water. Germs are effectively destroyed, and protein deposits are reliably removed. 

Refine One Step™ for allergies and sensitive eyes 
Do you have sensitive eyes or are prone to allergies? Then the Refine One Step™ contact lens care from CooperVision is just the thing for you as it is free from any preservatives. 

Refine One Step™ for maximum wearing comfort 
The Refine One Step™ lens care solution contains an additive that effectively lubricates your contact lenses – fatigue-free and with more wearing comfort 

The all-round solution for all types of contact lenses 
The Refine One Step™ contact lens solution is suitable for all types of contact lenses. It is also ideal for silicon hydrogel lenses. 

Refine One Step™ from CooperVision—convenient cleaning, disinfection, moistening, and storage in just one step.


Content: 60ml
Manufacturer: Sauflon

All functions in a bottle, without compromise:
- Clean
- Disinfect
- Store
- Removal of debris
- Removing proteins

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Very good product, easy to handle, clean the lens good, already use it for four years, I will stay with it.

Review posted by Yuan C. on 2020-06-14

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