Eyeye Saline Solution- 360ml

Eyeye Saline Solution- 360ml
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EYEYE Saline solution

  • Saline solution for soft and hard contact lenses
  • No preservatives
  • Suitable for sensitive eyes
  • For rinsing after using a peroxide solution


Eyeye Saline is a saline solution from Oté that should form part of every contact lens wearer's basic equipment. As a universal rinsing solution, it complements contact lens care products. The saline solution is free from preservatives and therefore particularly suitable for sensitive eyes. It is especially recommended for rinsing off contact lenses after cleaning them with a peroxide solution such as Eyeye Monosept.

Basic care for soft and hard contact lenses

Eyeye Saline enhances the contact lens cleaning and care process in several ways: saline solution is indispensable for removing loose dirt particles from contact lenses after cleaning the surface with a peroxide solution. Eyeye Saline is an all-rounder for rinsing, cleaning, wetting, and inserting soft and hard contact lenses.

Especially suitable for sensitive eyes

Sensitive eyes are prone to unpleasant irritations, leading to redness, teary eyes, and itching. With Eyeye Saline, Barnaux has created a saline solution that imitates the natural tear fluid and is free from preservatives. It is therefore generally well tolerated, even by sensitive eyes.

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