Total Care Cleaner

Total Care Cleaner - 2x15ml
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blink Total Care Cleaner


  • Daily cleaning of form-stable, hard contact lenses
  • Non-abrasive: does not contain any emery particles
  • Renews the moisture film on contact lenses
  • Protects against renewed deposits for longer


The blink Total Care Cleaner from Johnson & Johnson is a gentle cleaner that can be used for all types of hard/form-stable contact lenses. In just 15-20 seconds per lens, dirt particles, grease residues and all natural deposits and protein accumulations are removed. Daily cleaning with Blink Total Care Cleaner ensures longer and improved wearing comfort for contact lenses over the long term.

Thoroughly clean hard contact lenses

Proteins and fats from the tear fluid are deposited on the lens just as easily as dirt particles from the environment. Due to its ingredients, Blink Total Care Cleaner is particularly effective for gas-permeable, hard contact lenses and does not require abrasive emery particles that could scratch sensitive materials in the long run. Protein removal is achieved by the alkalising trometamol, while the powerful cleaning action is ensured with the mucolytic tyloxapol.

Moisturises hard contact lenses

Blink Total Care Cleaner not only ensures thorough cleaning, but also prevents contamination and deposits throughout the day. The combination with HPMC (hydroxypropyl methylcellulose) ensures that re-deposits are prevented for longer, and that the liquid forms a moisture buffer when the contact lenses are put in. This provides moisture to the eyes and contact lenses.

Quick application in a few seconds

Blink Total Care Cleaner is user friendly. Each lens is cleaned in the palm of the hand for between 15-20 seconds. Two to three drops per lens are enough to clean the contact lenses. The lenses are then placed in blink Total Care Storing Solution as usual.

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