Futuro Plus eye drops

Futuro Plus eye drops - 10ml bottle
CHF 19.30

Futuro Plus Moisturiser

  • 0.1% hyaluronic acid
  • reliable moistening
  • no preservatives
  • for sensitive eyes that are prone to irritation


Futuro Plus Moisturiser moisturising eye drops by Conil contain 0.1% moisturising hyaluronic acid. They are particularly suitable for the care of stressed, irritated, and sensitive eyes. Well-balanced moisture levels and a stable tear film ensure that your eyes will remain totally comfortable and relaxed even when you are wearing contact lenses.

Soothing moisture for stressed eyes

Eye stress can be caused by many things. Hours of screen work, air-conditioned spaces, and a lack of tear fluid inevitably cause unpleasant irritations and leave your eyes itching, stinging, or red. Futuro Plus eye drops effectively and sustainably moisturise thanks to their formula that contains 0.1% high-quality sodium hyaluronate, an active ingredient known for its ability to bind and store water. A stable tear film is essential for a high level of comfort when wearing both hard or soft contact lenses.

Preservative-free eye drops for sensitive eyes 

Futuro Plus Moisturiser moisturising eye drops will benefit your eyes in two ways. The eye drops support the natural tear film and form a buffer between the eyelid and the cornea. Unpleasant symptoms caused by friction can be significantly alleviated. A particular advantage: the bottle uses a special filter system through which the solution drips, thus eliminating the need to add preservatives. As such, Futuro Plus moisturising eye drops are ideal for delicate eyes that are sensitive to additives.

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