Hylo Dual Intense

Hylo Dual Intense - 10ml
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HYLO-DUAL Intense eye drops

  • Relief for extremely dry eyes
  • Do not use while wearing contact lenses
  • Intensive moistening with 0,2% hyaluronic acid and ectoin
  • Preservative- and phosphate-free
  • Use within six months after opening
  • Protection against dehydration


HYLO-DUAL Intense eye drops from Ursapharm are particularly recommended for extremely dry eyes. They use a dual active principle and combine the active ingredients hyaluronic acid and ectoin to alleviate the symptoms of dry eyes. HYLO-DUAL Intense contains hyaluronic acid whose concentration is four times higher compared to HYLO-DUAL eye drops. As a result, they bind even more moisture and the tear film remains stable on the eye for a longer time period. This can temporarily lead to slightly blurred vision. Like all eye drops in the HYLO series, they are preservative- and phosphate-free.

Relief for chronically dry eyes

Dry eyes always result from too little tear film and / or poor tear film quality. This can be caused by various factors ranging from seasonal, dry heating air to long screen work and hormonal changes. The hyaluronic acid contained in HYLO-DUAL Intense (0,2%) increases the amount of tear film and binds moisture to the surface of the eye for a long time period. Regular use can prevent dry eye symptoms.

Ectoin for a protected eye surface

A good quality tear film serves as a protective barrier. If this breaks open, the eyes start to sting, itch or water. The eyes begin to feel gritty. Ectoin naturally supports the protective lipid layer of the tear film and thus prevents the tear fluid from evaporating. It is made by bacteria that, thanks to ectoin layer, can survive in the most extreme and driest conditions. Ectoin binds moisture in the tear film and protects it better from evaporation.

Six months germ-free - COMOD® System instead of preservatives

The mechanical COMOD® system is a pump system which ensures precise dosing and sterility up to six months after opening the bottle. The HYLO-DUAL Intense eye drops do not contain any preservatives, which is something allergy sufferers particularly appreciate.

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Brand HYLO-DUAL Intense
0.2% Hyaluronic acid
Shelf life after opening
6 Month

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