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Systane Gel Drops

Systane Gel Drops - 10ml bottle
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Systane Complete PF 10ml bottle

Systane Gel Drops are no longer manufactured

As an alternative, we recommend Systane Complete PF. They are free of preservatives. They provide long-lasting moisture for dry eyes and contact lenses.

Systane Gel Drops

  • Relieve severe symptoms
  • Protect and regenerate the surface of the eye
  • Note: very dry eyes should always be clarified by an ophthalmologist
  • Night care for very dry eyes


With chronically dry eyes and severe irritation, conventional eye drops are sometimes not enough. Intensive night care thanks to Systane Gel Drops from Alcon is a helpful addition. They help alleviate symptoms in very dry eyes by intensively caring for the damaged and irritated eye surface and by sustainably supporting regeneration. Systane Gel Drops are applied to the eye before sleeping. 

Effective protective film for very dry eyes

Very dry eyes often lack tear fluid and the tear film quality is often not sufficient. That leads to a burning sensation, itchy or gritty feeling eyes. Systane Gel Drops contain a combination of three tear substitutes, including HP Guar (hydroxypropyl guar). The gel forms a stable film on the surface of the eye during the night. That means that the active ingredients stay where they are needed for hours. The eye is intensely moisturised and irritation is reduced.

Regeneration of the eye surface overnight

Systane Gel Drops for the night are the ideal addition to classic eye drops during the day. The eye produces less tear fluid during sleep. The symptoms begin with the first blink after waking up. That is where therapy with Systane Gel Drops comes in: The gel provides the eyes with moisture at night and supports the regeneration of the cornea, for a restful night and a refreshing feeling in the morning.

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