Systane Ultra PF

Systane Ultra PF - 10ml bottle
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Systane Ultra PF (preservative free)

  • Preservative free
  • Suitable for use with contact lenses
  • Developed for daily use
  • HP guar for long-lasting protection from dry eyes


Systane Ultra PF eye drops by Alcon are developed to give dry eyes an immediate sensation of freshness. As the successor to the original Systane Ultra eye drops, they are preservative free and can therefore be recommended unconditionally for daily use as well as for allergy sufferers and sensitive eyes. Slight irritation is reduced immediately to keep the eyes moist and fresh. Systane Ultra PF are particularly suitable for occasional dry eyes or mild complaints. Contact lens wearers will appreciate the sense of comfort that is maintained throughout the day.

A quick refreshment for the eyes

HP guar (hydroxypropyl guar) is the substance in Systane Ultra PF that moisturises the eyes and allows the eyelids to blink smoothly. Once applied, it forms a lubricant film between the eye and the eyelid. HP guar offers fast relief for unpleasant discomfort such as itchiness, burning or a gritty sensation both with or without contact lenses.

Plenty of moisture for dry eyes

Dry eyes are caused by air conditioning, VDU work, contact lenses and many other influences. The eyelid slides across the surface of the eye each time we blink and becomes noticeably uncomfortable if the tear film is insufficient. This leads to burning, itchiness and the sense of something being stuck in the eye. Systane Ultra PF eye drops replenish the tear film, relieve discomfort noticeably and immediately and can be used without restrictions thanks to the absence of preservatives.

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Content: 1x 10ml
Manufacturer: Alcon

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