LENSVISION - #CrazyMaloja black

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LENSVISION #CrazyMaloja black

LENSVISION #CrazyMaloja black

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LENSVISION - #CrazyMaloja - black

  • Overall size: 163mm wide, 60mm high (men's version)
  • Lenses 1: tint: 85% grey (cat. 3), mirroring: blue, filter: polarizing, UV-400 protection
  • Lenses 2: tint: 17% - 85% grey , filter: photochromic (self-tinting), UV-400 protection
  • Lenses 3: tint: 47% orange (not recommended for road traffic), filter: none, effect: contrast enhancing, UV-400 protection
  • CE marking
  • Adjustable bridge support on the nose

The #CrazyMaloja sports and cycling glasses come in a whole set with a total of three lenses to change, a hard case to keep them safe in any backpack and a soft pocket to quickly put them in your jacket without scratching the lenses. The differently tinted lenses make the sports glasses ideal for any weather and for any tour.

  • A dark lens with polarization for a lot of sun, glare and sports on the water.
  • A self-tinting lens that adapts to the light conditions and turns slightly gray to dark gray (beware, there is always some time delay, especially when brightening when, for example, driving from open field into the forest)
  • An orange lens that increases contrast in diffuse light or fog. Colors in nature are better highlighted but can be slightly distorted, so this lens is not recommended for road traffic in the car or on the motorcycle.

For the longevity of the glasses and lenses we recommend the following care:

  • To clean, always rinse the lenses and glasses under running water.
  • Rub the glasses with a little washing-up liquid and rinse again with water.
  • Dry the glasses with a fresh towel or kitchen paper.
  • Afterwards the glasses can still be cleaned optimally with a glasses cloth (microfiber cloth).
  • AVOID cleaning the lenses only dry with a cloth, this can scratch the lenses in the long run, because dirt, sand or particles from creams, such as sunscreen, are rubbed on the lenses.

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