Ray-Ban AVIATOR LARGE METAL II 62-14 RB3026 L2821 Black

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Ray-Ban Sunglasses became a Cult Status!

1937 the brand Ray-Ban was registered. The brand Ray-Ban (ray=light, ban=blocker) should emphasize that sunglasses which are exposed to light will block UV and dangerous rays. The new model of sunglasses Ray-Ban Large Metal was fast known under the name of Ray-Ban Aviator and became more famous and famous; all RayBan sunglasses in the Ray Ban online Shop lensvision available, also Ray Ban frames!

1952 Robert Stegemann was designing the model Ray-Ban Wayfarer, at that time Ray-Ban belonged to the company "Bausch+Lomb". The Ray-Ban Wayfarer was an innovation at the beginning and for the first time plastic was used for the frame. At that time only thin metal frames like the Ray-Ban Aviator Pilot Sunglasses were a hip. The trapezoidal shape with the two little metal applications and the Ray-Ban lettering on the temples are awakening a good look. In the movie "Breakfast at Tiffanys"(1961) the Ray-Ban Wayfarer definitely brought home the bacon! In the seventies the Ray-Ban sunglasses were almost forgotten, the more and more in the eighties the Ray-Ban Wayfarer experienced a boom and in the nineties it was took away from the market. Sins 2007 the Ray-Ban Wayfarer realised a boom again and nowadays it is the most sold sunglasses in the world!

The Ray Ban Aviator is THE pilot sunglasses number one. In the fifties the Ray-Ban Avioator were weared by the US Navy pilots. In the movie "Top Gun" with Tom Cruise, "Charlie's Angels" or "Pearl Harbour" the Ray-Ban Aviator became a cult status. Also the Ray Ban Wayfarer Sunglasses became a cult status as well. The RayBan Wayfarer was designed in the fifties and communicates nowadays a classical retro look. The claim to fame of the Ray-Ban Wayfarer is the silver application on its temples. The Ray-Ban Wayfarer was also seen in the movies like "Breakfast at Tiffanys" or "Miami Vice".

Content: 1x Ray-Ban RB3025 Sunglasses
Manufacturer: Ray-Ban Sunglasses
Frame Color: Black
Lens: Green
Size: Large; 62-14 (for big faces)
Color-Code: L2821

Ray-Ban Sunglasses with correction? Tell us your power (prescription) and we produce your most wanted Ray-Ban Sunglasses you ever wish referred to your individual prescription.

The Ray-Ban sunglasses with polarized lenses blocks disturbing reflections on flat and glittering sufaces like streets, water, mineral glass, table boards etc.. and this way you get a much better vision; better contrast. Also extreme conditions like vision on water or snow you will achieve a relaxed and comfortable vision. Ray-Ban Sunglasses: Ray-Ban Aviator, RayBan Cockpit, Ray Ban Balorama, Ray-Ban Brillen Cats, RayBan Clubmaster, Ray Ban Outtdoorsman, Ray-Ban Predator, RayBan Shooter, Ray Ban Wayfarer, Ray-Ban RB3211, RayBan Caravan, Ray Ban Olympian, Ray-Ban Daddy O, RayBan Warrior, Ray Ban Jackie Ohh, Ray-Ban Carbon Fibre CL, Ray Ban Wings, RayBan Active Lifestyle, Ray-Ban Highstreet, RayBan Fast & Furious and Ray-Ban Tech USA, Ray Ban online Shop, Ray-Ban 3293, Ray-Ban 5184.


Ray-Ban AVIATOR LARGE METAL II 62-14 RB3026 L2821 Black
  • CHeight 54.2mm
  • DLens width 68.4mm
  • ELength 140mm



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