Lensvision Studio

Our experienced specialists are here to guide you - from start to finish - on your contact lens journey, with a lot of passion and commitment. Our specialists use state-of-the-art technology to find the right contact lenses for you and your lifestyle. Our focus is on your needs, which is why we work quickly, transparently and without complications.

Lensvision Studio Zürich Central - Flagship

Our flagship studio in the heart of Zurich. The complete Lensvision service is offered here. Only 2 minutes away from Zurich HB.

Lensvision works with a selected group of qualified partner opticians in Switzerland.

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Our partner opticians are professional experts in their field. The price is the total cost at the specialist optician for the respective service, of which Lensvision pays half. Their price consists of the total costs minus the costs taken over by Lensvision.

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Notice: If you mainly wear glasses or if your contact lenses are currently not well tolerated, please come without contact lenses inserted in your eyes. Otherwise, you can wear your contact lenses to the appointment.

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