How would you rate the comfort of your contact lens at the end of a busy day?

Would your contact lenses ever score a 5? Do your contact lenses become increasingly uncomfortable as the day goes on? Do you have to remove your lenses or add some eye drops to relieve the discomfort? If so, something is wrong!

WELL, WE HAVE THE SOLUTION. Daily contact lens for challenging days full of activities. They offer you the best level of comfort from dawn till dusk.

ACUVUE OASYS® 1Day – the unique innovation for the new contact lens generation

TOP – introductory price

  • 90 Pack CHF 90.50 – instead of CHF 125.-
  • 30 Pack CHF 40.50 – instead of CHF 48.60

From dawn till dusk => Unrivalled comfort and best quality of vision, especially for:

  • Long periods working in front of a computer screen
  • Comfort when working in an air-conditioned environment
  • Outdoor activities on a dry/hot day
  • Long working days or busy days

Contact lens worth CHF 75.- for existing daily lens wearers (without astigmatism)

Contact us at or by phone on +41 44 261 55 00. We will then set up an appointment with one of our partner opticians:

Müller Optik Zürich AG, Limmatquai 94, 8001 Zürich

*) Angebot gültig bis 31. August 2016


Kostenloses Ebook

Das erwartet Sie:

  • Unterschiede der Kontaktlinsen kennenlernen
  • Tipps und Tricks bei der Auswahl für das richtigen Optiker
  • Die Pflege der Kontaktlinsen
  • Das Nachbestellen der Kontaktlinsen von Anfang an richtig zu machen

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